Trojan Tradition

We are excited to meet the newest students to join the Trojan Tradition!  Welcome to Jefferson 
and Findlay City Schools!

Tuesday Tidbit

Thanks to Dr. Penny Soboleski for providing us with fantastic weekly reading tips!  

One reading strategy that is important for children of all ages to develop is the ability to CLARIFY what they have read. This strategy involves readers using the text to help them understand what they have read.

The strategy of clarifying should be used during and after reading.

A great way to work on this strategy at home is to role model clarifying while you are reading with your child!  

This is what it may look like in the form of CITING information:
This is a more basic skill and a great way to start building this strategy!

 If you just read Goldilocks you may ask your child-
"Who was the biggest bear?"

You and your child can reread the text to determine-
"Papa Bear was the biggest bear." 

Note with your child this information was found on page 2.  This allows your child to understand how to use the text to clarify and enhance what has been read.

Another Goldilocks example:

How was Papa Bear described?
"Papa Bear's paws were much bigger than Mama Bear's paws."
This information was found on page 5.

Try this working on this strategy with your child!